The Best of Men wins 3 awards

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TBoM-news1aThe Best of Men, a single drama for BBC2 made by Whitby Davison Productions, deservedly won in three categories at the Royal Television Society West of England Awards.

  • Best Television Drama
  • Best Actor for Eddie Marsan as Dr Guttmann
  • Best Screenwriter for Lucy Gannon

TBoM-news1bThe Best of Men is an entertaining and critically well received drama about the birth of the Paralympics. Set during the 1940’s, it starts with the arrival of the remarkable Dr Guttmann who comes to Stoke Mandeville Hospital and begins to transform the lives of partially paralysed spinal patients by introducing sport into their rehabilitation.

TBoM-news1cAs Production Designer, I had a very tight budget, but believe what we achieved on screen was a happy and successful collaboration between the Director Tim Whitby, the Director of Photography Matt Gray and myself.

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